Samsung introduced Region Lock system on Galaxy Note 3 which forces owners to use the device first on the region where it was purchased. But Samsung Germany clarified that you only need to make a voice call – incoming or outgoing – for at least five minutes to remove the lock.

Five Minutes of Voice Call

It doesn’t have to be a SIM from the region where it was purchased but requires voice calling using a SIM card from any European carrier for the European variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Samsung Germany explained that a voice call for at least five minutes whether incoming or outgoing will unlock the device from the Region Lock system feature. For instance, purchase Galaxy Note 3 from any European region then insert its first SIM card from network carriers of Europe but not limited to the area where it was bought and finally make a call.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4 will be  the first devices of Samsung to update Android Kitkat 4.4 in January 2014. According leaked schedule reveals news, Galaxy Note 3 – Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 and Note 2 could expected the first to get the new Android version.

The new Android 4.4 KitKat improves the UI performance thanks to its Project Svelte – the successor of Project Butter. This means all devices to be update with KitKat will become smoother and faster than ever, with even better multi-tasking and improved RAM management. We are sure Samsung will bring a few goodies to its TouchWiz UI, too.

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If you’re from that category of consumers and reside in Germany, you will be able to buy the pink Galaxy Note 3 starting December, just in time for Christmas. The pink variant – the color is officially called Blush Pink – has been available as a Phones 4U exclusive in the UK and in South Korea since a few weeks, and after a launch in Germany, it should make its way to other markets as well.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 may multitask applications better than Note 2, but the 3GB RAM installed isn’t unlimited and still subject to some lags or sluggishness. Here are quick tips to bring back the glory of Galaxy Note 3′s big memory.

Built-In Task Manager

Press and hold the ‘Home’ key to display the Task Manager listing all running applications on the Galaxy Note 3. You can click on the ‘X’ icon at the lower right-hand corner of the Task Manager to close all of them instantly. You may swipe as well to close individual running applications. At times, when the RAM is having problems due to several applications at once, use the Task Manager to quickly free memory on the phablet.

Close Apps Properly

If you are not comfortable on launching the Task Manager often, close applications using the back soft key instead of the Home button. Home button puts the current application on the background to keep it in memory if you want to view it again while the Back button closes the application instead and requires you to launch the app if you desire to view contents again. Some users fail on the Back key closing function and uses Home button that pounders all apps on the RAM. Closing apps properly will help both the memory and the battery.

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The Galaxy Note 3 might be a bit hard to swallow, but Samsung is slipping buyers something to help it go down a bit smoother, in the form of $50 in Google Play credit.

Android Police has full details of the deal — which probably equates to more money than most people have ever spent on apps and games:

It’s easy – just hit up the website below and input your phone number, IMEI, and a few other bits of information. You should get a confirmation email, and not long after, an email with a code that can be redeemed in Google Play for $50 to put toward apps, games, music, and more.

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Galaxy Note 3 battery

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is one of the several Android smartphones that completely fulfill the demands of power users, thanks to the convenience of its large 3,200mAh battery. However, Mugen believes that kind of power autonomy isn’t enough and has released a 6,500mAh extended battery for the Note 3.

Since the Mugen extended Note 3 battery is thicker than the stock one, the company also provides a custom back cover to house it. It’s available in black or white, and the end result makes the Galaxy Note 3 a bit thicker than its factory 8.3mm profile.

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Until November 19, T-mobile is offering $25 off select devices from its online store. This applies to the Galaxy Note 3

You can currently purchase the Note 3 with an initial $199.99 down payment and pay $21 x 24/months, bringing the grand total of the phone to $703.99 pre-tax. Add that to the basket, and it will show that you are due $209.99 today for the purchase of the phone. ($199.99 for phone down payment and $10 for sim card). However, apply promo code NOVSALE25 and the cost will be reduced down to $184.99.

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The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch has endured such a poor response from consumers that one UK retailer is now giving the accessory away free, for a limited time with Galaxy Note 3 contrack

Phones 4U is offering a free Galaxy Gear with all new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 contracts, making a mockery of Samsung’s recommended price for the watch, which has been on sale less than two months.

The deal lasts until November 14 in store and online from Phones 4U, so it’ll be interesting to see whether the Galaxy Gear holds enough appeal to approve sign ups at the retailer.

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The FlightFit case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a dual-layer protective case that also incorporates a stand. This offers excellent protection against shocks and the bumps and scratches that can occur in everyday life.

It has curved lines that complement the Galaxy Note 3 design and is made from a two-layer construction consisting of high-gloss polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane to offer double the protection. Impact resistance is provided by the hard exterior while the soft interior offers shock absorbance.

At the back of the case there’s a built-in stand for landscape viewing use and it also offers convenient access to the ports and controls of the Galaxy Note 3. This case is very reasonably priced at $29.95.

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XDA Developer “designgears”  has released a working root method for AT&T’s model of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (SM-900A).

Unfortunately the steps to getting root are not altogether straightforward. You’ll need a Windows PC, Samsung’s Odin software, and a basic understanding of the tools of the trade (bootloader mode, download mode, and some ADB skills wouldn’t hurt). The root package is a whopping 2.2 GB, and it will both downgrade your AT&T Note 3 to a slightly older firmware version and completely wipe personal files. It might be prudent to wait for a root solution on the latest firmware unless you really, really need it.

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